005-What To Do In June?

June 6, 2009 at 5:32 pm (Life) (, , , , )

Kitten Love
Image by Energetic Spirit via Flickr

Damn it. I totally broke my 30 in 30 goal of blogging. Ahhh. well we can shoot for 29 in 30, right?

I was so happy about the good news that I’ve been giving this past week I just couldn’t find a good time to blog yesterday. Yep, that is my excuse.

My love’s parents are moving to Florida at the end of July. WHOOOOPIEEE! And we’re staying for awhile. Well, he thinks so. He wants to move back with his family by the end of this year, but I am thinking that it won’t be for a longer while, if at all. My man grew up here in Southern California, and I doubt he really wants to leave. Maybe in a few years. I’m o.k. with that, because I know by that time, we will 100% be able to have a very nice home to live in and we don’t have to share a place with his parents. Yes, we can make this happen!

Anyway, on to the topic of the day… you know how there is always holidays probably every day of the year? I’m not talking about Christmas or Easter. I’m thinking of those silly (but fun!) days like “Fly a kite day” or “love your pet day”. You know exactly what I’m talking about. Let’s explore those kooky holidays in June

Here are the month long observances:

And for the special days in June:

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