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Sunday, a day off. How am I feeling?

Well, annoyed because right after I blogged last night, KP’s dad said he needed to have a talk with the family during dinner. He told us that KP’s mom can’t bear to leave her son and just move off to FL, so we’re expected to drop everything and move with them in 6 weeks.

I am doing everything in my power to convince K that we can do it on our own here. I would rather be penny pinching and happy without his psychotic parents around than have tons of money and a big house and have to do with his selfish mom and idiot of a dad. Seriously! Arrrrgh! Thank goodness for blogging. It gives me a tiny bit of an area to allow myself to share how I honestly feel, because I have tried to explain myself to his parents before, and they get upset with what my opinion is and won’t have any of it. I have seriously never met anyone else so naive and selfish as his parents, and it hurts because I love him as much as I can’t stand them. Maybe my *lucky* day will come…

Anyway, a blog topic!


And that’s it! Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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