004- I almost didn’t make it past the food court.

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Oh boy. I was at the mall this afternoon with the son picking up some outfits for him because he is a hefty 20 pound 5 month old in need of some bigger clothes. Found him some cute outfits (his father is tickled because they aren’t onesies, for some reason he is not very fond of them, now it seems like N is wearing big boy clothes already, considering I have to buy size 12 months!)

The unforgettable moment of the trip: walking past the food court.

First it was Sbarro the pizza place, then Burger King, followed by some Cajun food…uh oh. All of a sudden I get this horrible feeling I’m gonna vomit. Gross! I started walking slowly, pushing the stroller like it was a horrid task, thinking I wouldn’t make it to the other side.

Then the Chinese food smell wafts.

Ew! Alas, I did not throw up. Thank goodness. But I did manage to walk away, I overcame! So why did I have so much trouble crossing the food court?


A-I’m pregnant (No!!!!!!!!!!)


B-The medicine my doc prescribed me is unleashing its awful side effect, nausea.

I’m thinking option “B.” I’ve been super careful with the birthcontrol I am using because, no, I do not want another child! It’s not the pill. I (obviously) didn’t fare well on the pill.

Whew! That was such a weird experience!

On to what’s really important…


The things mentioned in my ETT feature are items that everyone could use at one time or another in life to provide happiness and encouragement.

1. Paper clips. Why, you ask? Well, at the beginning of a former job I had we were asked to write down 15 things you could do with a paper clip. Ummm..

  1. hold paper..
  2. Pick your nose?!

Well, of course you could hold paper (and pick your nose too, if you really want to!) , but the idea was to show that with a creative mind you could do anything you want.

2. A coffee mug. With coffee in it. Mine is from Starbucks, of course.

3. An iPod. So it could be somewhat of a cost; but believe me, it’s worth it! I tote mine with me everywhere!

4. Goals. How about making 101 goals to finish in 1,001 days? I have posted my 101 goals. For some ideas to get started, visit this site http://www.dayzeroproject.com/

5. “There is no remedy for love but to love more.” Henry David Thoreau

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